​Exceptional quality and craftsmanship - the BERGEN Group standard on quality is simple—exceed code without overbuilding. And when it comes to craftsmanship, home building isn’t just a job for us. It’s our life’s work, our calling, our passion. the BERGEN Group specializes predominantly in building custom log homes in the mountains of Western North Carolina. 

We also build timber frame homes, high performing conventional or stick-built homes, along with energy-efficient home renovations and additions. No matter what type of home, the BERGEN Group builds the style and specific design of the home of your dreams. LOG HOMES- Right for the mountains - the BERGEN Group adheres to high standards of craftsmanship and finish homes in ways that are architecturally correct for the mountains—the optimal blend of style and function. What’s more, we are highly experienced in meeting the unique challenges and placement requirements to build successfully in the complex terrain of Western North Carolina.



This expertise is nothing short of critical. Unlike many log home builders, we have the proven training, experience, and commitment that ensure your log home will exceed the smallest detail, including the latest technologies, materials, and techniques to boost energy efficiency, durability and reduce its environmental impact. And as log home specialists, we know the right way to do log construction. the BERGEN Group stands apart when it comes to log home builders.


But don’t take our word for it. We work with the very best: Gastineau Log Homes, Honest Abe Log Homes, Yellow Stone, and Honka, among others— some of the foremost log home manufacturers in the world— That means we’ve completed their intensive training programs and our homes have passed their inspection with high marks.




Transforming renovations, energy optimization- In addition to building log, timber frame, and conventional Green Homes. the BERGEN Group is also known for major home additions—many of our home renovation projects have doubled the size of existing homes. What’s more, our home renovations include energy audits, including thermal imagery of the thermal envelope, allowing us to correct where energy is lost in structure. In the end, you’ll not only enjoy an expanded, updated living space, but also a home optimized for efficiency, conservation, with lowered operating and maintenance costs.


It takes an average of 30,000 components to build one house. As a Certified Green Professional (CGP) of the National Association of Home Builders and as an Energy Star (EPA) Builder, the BERGEN Group has the proven experience and training to ensure your home is crafted using the latest science with, durable materials, finishes, and techniques. These advanced principles in Building Science, allow us to boost energy efficiency, reduce long term maintenance. Thus reducing the environmental impact. the BERGEN Group will exceed you're  highest standard in craftsmanship and Green Building Performance.




Growing up, the BERGEN Group founder, Ben Bergen spent summers and weekends with his grandfather, building and renovating homes and historic timber frame barns. His grandfather instilled a strong sense of integrity and commitment to building the best, and he inspired in Ben an early and lasting passion to build. That passion continued in high school as a laborer for a framing company. During college, he founded Legacy Home Builders and built numerous homes while obtaining his degree. Those values and passion have driven Ben to spend over 20 years in Western North Carolina; learning the art and craftsmanship required to build and renovate fine mountain homes.


Today, Ben and his family call the mountains home. As a family, they enjoy exploring the mountains and rivers (and beaches) of both North and South Carolina. As a long time fly fishing guide, Ben's pursues his fly fishing passion on the amazing rivers of the Appalachian Mountains, the saltwater of the South East, and numerous international locals around the world.


As a family-owned business, we craft every project with pride, knowing it will be for your family. Becoming the center of family traditions, holiday visits, vacation memories, and happy retirements~ the realization of your vision and dreams.


It all adds up to the quintessential mountain home and a positive experience every step of the way—with the BERGEN Group.

Why Choose the BERGEN Group?

Dedicated to the craft of renovation & construction of fine mountain homes.

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